Kray Thong

Tuesday 14 September, 2010, 7 pm

Improvised musical theatre (Lakhaon Ken)
This musical theatre form makes a large space to the improvisation. Its name comes from the musical instrument Ken, used by minority groups living in Stung Treng Province. Ken theatre is recent as it was created in the 1940’s.

Kray Thong
Vimolea, daughter of a middle-class person, is kidnapped by a crocodile named Chharavann. The father will give his daughter’s hand in marriage to anyone who will be able to save her. Kray Thong decides to rescue her. Meanwhile, the crocodile hold Vimolea in the river. Each time Chharavann leaves, his two first wives attacks the new one. Will Vimolea be rescued from the tormentors’ clutches?


Lakhaun Ken (Ken Theatre)

Lakhaun Ken is an improvised musical theatre of verbal exchange that is accompanied by the ken, a type of musical instrument used by minority groups living in Stung Treng Province near the border of Laos.

In 1967, teachers from the Royal University of Fine Arts conducted research on the ken instrument and later choreographed this dance drama. Accompanied by mahori songs, instruments include the roneat ek (xylophone), khloy (flute) and chhing (small cymbals).

Lakhaun ken was first crated by Mr. Khun Lek, Mr. Khun Chhem, Mr. Khun Cheng, and Mr. Mey Saro in 1942.

A performance lakhaon ken was revived in 2001, wilh a drama entitled Kray Thong produced by Prof. Pich Tum Kravel, Prof. Hang Soth, and directed by Mrs. Em Theay and Oun Bo.

from "Inventory of Intangible Heritage of Cambodia", Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and UNESCO, 2004, p.70: