Anders Jiras, photographer
Roth Chanmony

Cambodian dance photography

Cambodian dance have a history of more than a thousand years.

Here are my attempts to learn more about it through the medium of photography.

Hopefully some of the beauty of this art shines through my photos.

Exhibition of photos of the Royal Ballet at the National Museum of Cambodia, 2011. Details.

Exhibition on Cambodian performing arts at the Museum of Dance in Stockholm, 2011. Details.

Exhibition at 3:e våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012. Details.

Three short contemporary dance pieces by the choreographers: Chumvan Sodhachivy; Peter Chin; Nam Narim.

NEW. Sacred Dancers of Angkor at the River of 1000 lingas.

The Khmer version of Ramayana is Reamker. Here is the golden deer, Moharik.